Otto Half Chief


Chonmonicase or Shaumonekusse, -1837 (Oto (Chewaerae)), also known as L'Ietan or Prairie Wolf, was a member of the first Native American delegation to be painted by King in Washington, D.C.

His wife, Eagle of Delight (Hayne Hudjihini), was also painted by King.

In addition to trade silver armbands, Presidential Peace Medals and a Grizzly claw necklace, he wears a headdress ornamented with shaved bison horns topped with horsehair.

In the biographical sketch which accompanies the portrait, James Hall reported that Shaumonekusse was a warrior who rose to become chief through merit.

He recounted his deeds in 1819 during a dance performed before members of the Stephen Long Expedition to the Rocky Mountains.

Later in life he killed his brother after a fight in which the latter bit off the end of his nose.