Pottawatomie Chief


Wa-baun-see, -1848 (Potawatomi ) was a chief who supported the British in the War of 1812.

In 1814 he signed the Treaty of Greenville by which Potawatomi allegiance was transferred to the United States.

In a series of treaties signed by Wabaunsee, Potawatomi lands around Lake Michigan were sold.

In 1835 Wabaunsee visited Washington, D.C., to sign the treaty which sold the last of the tribal lands and to accept land west of the Mississippi River.

During this visit, his portrait was painted by King.

The Potawatomi Nation moved to Kansas in the 1840s and settled in what is now Wabaunsee County, just east of Topeka.

Wabaunsee's portrait illustrates the Native American attraction to military costume. Coats, hats, and swords were often presented as gifts to prominent chiefs. Additionally, Wabaunsee wears a Presidential Peace Medal and large trade silver earrings.