The Great Captain of the Six Nations


Thayendanegea was a famous chief of the Mohawk and became chief of 6 Iroquoise Tribes.

The Euro-Americans did know him as Joseph Brant.

He was born in the year 1742 in the Ohio-Valley and did raise in the Mohawk-Valley of New York.

With the age of 13 years he did fight in the war between the indians and the French.

About 1759, his sister Molly became the consort of William Johnson, the wealthy and influential businessman, land speculator, and Indian Superintendent.

Johnson became Joseph's mentor and benefactor, even sending him to a Connecticut school.

He went to school in Connecticut and visited England.

During the Independance-War, (Colonial Wars and the American Revolution) did fight aside the British.

He succeded in convincing 4 Iroquoise-Tribes to fight with them.

He did fight in the battle of Oriskany in the year 1777 and lated did fight as a guerilla against the Americans in the states of NewYork and Pennsylvania.

He was very succesful that a small Army was send to get hold of him.

When the war was over he went with the Mohawk into the exile to Canada, (after the Treaty of Paris in 1783, settled in Ontario).

There he translated the christian Liturgy into the Mohawk language.

He died in Burlington,Ontario on November 24, 1807.